“Creativity, acceptance and flexibility are part of the air at CRCAP. I love watching the kids grow from year to year and it is wonderful to watch your own child try something new or stretch personally in some way. It is because you create a sense of safety and acceptance that kids are willing to take risks, connect deeply and grow. Oh, and it is FUN! Fun for the camper, fun for the family.”


"The program encourages all the children to express themselves in whatever art form no matter the level of talent. Creativity, kindness and tolerance is the culture, in a completely fun atmosphere.”


“Being completely surrounded by art, music, creativity -the diversity of the kids and their talents and interests -universal acceptance of everyone - it's amazing! Prioritizing the arts and understanding its critical role in helping young people search and find themselves is so rare these days!”


“Once again my daughter had a fantastic summer camp experience. It is the highlight of her year and Festival Day is an annual tradition for our extended family. CRCAP is joy inducing, life sustaining and invigorating. It helps us remember the best that is in the world...creativity, curiosity and children.”