Creative Starts lets children ages 6-8 explore the arts in a stimulating and age-appropriate environment. Each two-week session features a unique theme. Campers choose activities daily from a wide variety of visual and performing arts.

  • Sessions are 2 weeks long.

  • Campers choose from 2-3 activities within each period.

  • Swimming is a daily option.

  • Weekdays, 9am-4pm.

  • Early dropoff begins at 8:15 am.

  • Extended day is available until 6:00 pm.

  • Lunch is included in tuition.

Session A: Monday, 6/25-Friday, 7/6 (No camp July 4th)

Session B: Monday, 7/9-Friday, 7/20

Session C: Wednesday, 7/25-Friday, 8/3

Session D: Monday, 8/6-Saturday, 8/18

Note: all Creative Starts sessions bring together elements of creative expression: expect a combination of activities including visual arts, technology, dance, tinkering, photography, music, storytelling, woodworking, videography, costume making and drama.

Session A: Invention Convention

Are you bursting with ways to improve the world around you? Do you dream of designing the perfect home or card game or rollercoaster or flying car? Then you're an inventor in the making and we've got the boxes, duct tape, circuit boards, and glue guns to help you design and construct inventions straight from your imagination. Real or not, we'll help you brainstorm, draw, design, and construct the prototype of your inventor's dreams!

Time Travelers, Unite!

Fascinated by the far future? Intrigued by ancient civilizations? Keen on medieval kingdoms? Dying to run with the dinosaurs? Whatever time period piques your interest, we can imagine our way there!  We'll build time machines, design cities, create (or re-create) fashions, art forms, and artifacts from fact and fantasy. Come join our team of intrepid time travellers as we explore what has been and what has yet to be...

Welcome to the Multiverse

From microscopic worlds to intergalactic neighborhoods, there's more to the universe than meets the eye.   Let's get out the map (even if we have to make it ourselves) and head for uncharted territories!  We'll record the amazing ecosystems, inhabitants, cultures, and creatures we find along the way as we blend science and science fiction in search of undiscovered worlds. Who knows what adventures await?

Super Kids!

Super heroes, super villians, super adventures... Everything is super-charged with fun when you create your own super kid character. Will you have laser vision? An invisible side-kick? An underwater fortress? Back by popular demand from last summer, this year's Super Kids session will include costumes, theme songs, comic books, and anything else your super imagination can think of as we save the world, one super project at a time!