Summer Shorts

Ages 11-15 (Limit 20)

Praise the All-Mother, it's Shorts weather! We experiment with making films in short forms—commercials, movie trailers, sketches, and any other kind of nonsense. Full of fast-paced fun, we’ll premiere our Shorts for the whole camp during Noontime Shows and on Festival Day. Break out the shorts and join in! Praise the All-Mother! (Period 1)

Department: video


Behind the Camera

Ages 11-15 (Limit 10)

Do you wonder what is going on behind the scenes of your favorite movies and T.V. shows? Do you have crazy ideas that need to be filmed and shown to hundreds of people? Are you the next Spielberg, Scorsese, or Hitchcock? If yes, then Behind the Camera is for you.  Iin this class you will work individually or as a team to write a script, cast your movie, choose locations, and film and edit your own short film.  YOU are the director. The power of film is in your hands.  The class will cover how to use a camera, mic and lighting, as well as how to use Final Cut Pro to edit your movie. (Period 2)

Department: video


Channel Surfers

Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

In this class campers will create hilarious and bizarre snippets of every imaginable type of media found on TV. News, commercials, sitcoms, dramas, the list is endless. Learn the art of film making in a fast paced and fun class. (Period 3)

Department: video

Good News Network

Ages 10-15 (Limit 10)

CRCAP’s finest and funniest source of news. It’s real, it’s fake, and it’s always goooood! Reporting, listicles, videos, interviews, experiments, jokes, and all kinds of weird stuff—we’ll be the authority on it all. Join us in helping to bring the best of the best, all the good news there is, to camp all summer long!  (Period 5)

Department: video

Mysterious Mini-Movies

Ages 8-15 (Limit 10)

Feeling mysterious? Join us to make movies filled with curious characters, bizarre happenings, and eerie stories. We'll craft our stories, play our characters, and film our short films to show at Noontime Shows and Festival Day. Step into the shadows of mystery with Mysterious Mini Movies! (Period 6)

Department: video