Butterfly Effect Productions

ages 8-15 (limit 12)

If you’ve ever wondered how one detail can change a story and turn it on its head, then Butterfly Effect Productions are for you!  You’ll get to act in the movie version of our twisted tale, which will be shown in exciting segments at Noontime Shows throughout the session.  This class is for all levels of experience, so you’ll also learn all the basics of performing in front of a video camera as we lead up to the premiere of the entire film on Festival Day! (Period 1)



ages 11-15 (limit 16)

The triumphant return of an old favorite! In the tradition of “This is Spinal Tap”, “The Office”, and “Parks and Recreation”, this class will create situations, characters, and stories whose lives will unfold, hilariously, before the camera. Conduct comical interviews, improvise intricate scenes, and craft complex plots in this imaginative class! (Period 1)



Mini-Movies: Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: video

In Mini Movies we love to make bizarre, creative, and magical short videos of all genres. Ever have a short movie idea you wanted to see come to life? You'll be create  your own weird and strange ideas, and act them out in front of the camera.  Be ready to surprise the rest of the camp with your videos at the weekly noon time show. (Period 2)



Reel Time Documentaries

ages 8-15 (limit 10)

Uncover truths, share small delights, and tell real stories in your own style! In Reel Time Documentary you'll make short documentaries about topics you love and true stories that need telling. Whether it’s hard hitting journalism uncovering the truth or that story about the time you discovered what a blob fish was, the cameras will be rolling! (Period 3)



On Screen Apocalypse: Ages 11-15 (Limit 12)

Department: video

The year is 2045 and the world faces catastrophe. Meteors hurtling towards Earth, extra-terrestrial invaders, you name it, it's going down. CRCAP has assembled an elite team of campers to document these disasters in video updates. Aspiring actors, directors, and special effects wizards will enter a strange new world of storytelling and symbolism. You could be a news anchor, zombie hunter, conspiracy theorist; anything is possible in this bizarre new reality! (Period 5)



Live Action Animated Movie

ages 8-15 (limit 10)

Worlds collide as Live Action Animation blends live action performances with animated characters and settings.  We will explore special techniques like pixelation animation and rotoscoping to create imaginative new worlds and characters.  If you’re into special effects and dreaming up fantastic situations then join Live Action Animation and let your imagination run wild! (Period 6)