Get behind a sewing machine and design the wardrobe of your dreams. From start to finish, you can create hand bags, costumes for the productions, recycled fashion, dolls, masterpieces of knitting knowhow, creepy creatures, quilts and more. Pick up fashion skills, meet new friends, and explore everything our textiles department has to offer.


Art of the Doll

ages 8-15 (limit 12)

Fashion a new friend in miniature.  Create a doll from scratch and furnish them with a wardrobe fit for their personality.  Are they from the past, a fashion-forward trendsetter, or from a fantastical land?  Learn and perfect hand-sewing techniques while you design, make and style your doll, clothes and accessories. (Period 1)

Instructor(s):Lis Gernerd


CRCAP Runway

ages 11-15 (limit 12)

The challenge is to create a hi-fashion look from a grab bag of fabrics and trims! The trick is to use all the items in your bag in one fashionable look. The designers will sketch their ideas and the staff will help them draft patterns and construct their designs. Your project builds to a Festival Day fashion show on the CRCAP Runway. (Period 1)

Instructor(s):Aleta Deyo, Stephanie Macklin



ages 8-15 (limit 12)

We need costume designers, sewers, gluers, and people with lots of good ideas to help make the best costumes ever for Charles River Creative Arts plays and musicals. Help create the designs, and build the final costumes for the festival stage production. Sewing skills a plus but not necessary. (Period 2)

Instructor(s):Aleta Deyo, Stephanie Macklin, Rachel Padula


Freaks of Nature

ages 8-15 (limit 12)

Strange beings, bizarre life forms, and other weird critters will emerge from found objects, recycled materials, natural fibers and more. We'll transform the campus into an alien landscape populated by creatures from the imagination using textiles and visual media. Join this exciting new class and explore the boundaries of creativity. (Period 2)

Instructor(s):David Bermingham


Creepy Creatures

ages 8-15 (limit 10)

Let your imagination run wild! Foam and fabric, paint and elastic – monsters and creatures will come to life. We will draw, pattern and build your ideas for your own soft sculpture monsters. Make ‘em goofy! Make ‘em scary! Make ‘em wild! (Period 3)

Instructor(s):Kelsey Thornton


Fashion Illustration

ages 8-15 (limit 12)

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the creation of a fashion designer’s collection? Explore the “behind-the-scenes” actions of the fashion world and the exciting steps that go into developing your own clothing line. You will discover your design inspiration and create a themed mood board to help you sketch out and finalize a collection of fashion illustrations under your brand name! (Period 3)

Instructor(s):David Bermingham


Furniture Rehab

ages 12-15 (limit 8)

Have you ever seen a gross, old chair on the side of the road and thought, what could that be turned in to? If so, this is the class for you! We will scour craigslist for the cheapest, weirdest looking furniture and completely redesign it. Turn a broken old bookshelf into an eye catching, statement piece. Rip the old fabric off an arm chair and make it beautiful again! Join me for this awesome new class where we make old things new again! (Period 5)

Instructor(s):Sarah D'Angelo, Rachel Padula


Handbags & More

ages 8-15 (limit 10)

Handbags, hats, headbands and more! Learn to make a wide variety of fashion accessories with fun fabrics and techniques. Whether you can sew already or not, you can make fashion accessories that will turn heads. Take your projects home at the end of the session and let the school year be your runway. (Period 5)

Instructor(s):Angeliquc Smith



ages 11-15 (limit 10)

Come enjoy the endless fun of the printmaking world. Image after image, you can keep printing them out. From artist’s prints to greeting cards, you can experiment with a variety of methods. See your art multiply! This course is a combination of patience, technique and spontaneity. (Period 5)

Instructor(s):Mary Oliviera


Recycled Fashion

ages 11-15 (limit 12)

Starting with bags of thrift store finds, the class will begin to breathe new life into old clothes. Piecing together different parts of the garments while embellishing these new creations with trim, paint and a bit of ingenuity, campers create new fashion looks for the year 2017! Our designers show off their talents at the CRCAP Festival Day Fashion Show. Sewing experience required. (Period 5)

Instructor(s):Stephanie Macklin


Knitty Gritty

ages 11-15 (limit 12)

Have you been eyeing those fabulous scarves and wondering if you could knit one too? Or, are you in the middle of a project and need a little help or inspiration? Knitty Gritty is a class for all knitters – if you don’t know how, we’ll teach you. If you already know how, we’ll help keep the needles moving. In this class we will get comfy and creative. Let’s get down to the knitty gritty. (Period 6)

Instructor(s):Sally Cambell



ages 8-15 (limit 10)

Begin with some basic piecing techniques as a jumping off point to make a quilt that expresses your own personality. This is a multi-level sewing class so come and learn to sew or if you already know how, come show us what you’ve got! The sky is the limit, the sewing room is your oyster! (Period 6)

Instructor(s):Aleta Deyo, Rachel Padula


Trash 2 Treasure

ages 10-15 (limit 10)

Trash to treasure is a textiles/art class where we will make clothing, jewelry, and accessories out of recycled materials! All session we will experiment with newspaper, bottles, paperclips, cardboard, and much more! We will also explore all kinds of different ways to make apparel other than with fabric and a sewing machine, including gluing, stapling, and stringing. Sign up to channel your creative brain and have a blast with us! (Period 6)

Instructor(s):David Bermingham