Explore concepts in physics and engineering through creative expression in our brand new Technology Department!


ages 8-15 (limit 12)

Physics concepts and engineering come together to make things that roll, fling, and fly. Make your own fabulously designed mousetrap car, bottle rocket, catapult, trebuchet, rubber band powered airplane, and much, much more! (Period 1)

Instructor(s):Kelsey Thornton


Portfolio Website Design

ages 8-15 (limit 10)

This new class offers advancing artists of all kinds a chance to create an online presence to showcase work, collaborate, and participate in the global community of artists.  Learn how to build websites which express your unique skills and passions. We'll use Wordpress, Bandcamp, Carbonmade, and more. Be a part of the conversation and let technology spread your artistry to the universe and beyond! (Period 1)

Instructor(s):Rachel Patten


3D Printing

ages 10-15 (limit 10)

Get an introduction to the emerging, exciting world of 3D Printing! Engineer strange insects, bizarre fruits, and anything that your mind conjures up! Students will sketch out their designs, learn to break them down into simple geometries, and then use their knowledge to create unique accessories and objects. (Period 2)

Instructor(s):Kelsey Thornton


EDM  Production

ages 11-15 (limit 10)

Want to learn what goes on behind the scenes in EDM and pop music? We’ll be using the computer as our studio to create awesome electronic jams, from writing melodies to designing synthesizers to mixing it all together. Using the same kinds of software the pros use, we’ll create the ultimate dance party playlist! (Period 3)

Instructor(s):Adam Rochelle



ages 11-15 (limit 10)

Use HTML, CSS, Javascript and other coding tools to create pages visible on the Web that showcase original student work in the visual arts, sound, the written word and more. Creating your own art will be the primary source for page content as well as building collaborations with other campers and counselors to feature their content would be secondary. No prior coding experience necessary. (Period 5)

Instructor(s):Kevin Murphy


Electronic Art

ages 8-15 (limit 10)

Make art that lights up, buzzes and whirs!  Explore basic circuitry, and the world of Arduino to create interactive, electronic art. LED’s, infrared sensors, flip switches, capacitors and resistors combine to create all sorts of exciting objects. Come ready to learn about soldering, coding, and all things electronic! (Period 5)

Instructor(s):Kelsey Thornton


Electronic Music/Film Scoring

ages 8-15 (limit 10)

This class will introduce the tools and techniques to create audio for video. Using computers, MIDI controllers, simple recording gear and audio software like Audacity, Garage Band, iMovie and Quicktime, we will create our own original soundtracks. We will cover simple compositional techniques like creating a successful phrase and using harmony and tone color. We then will introduce sound effects and use Audacity plugins to “sculpt” sound and discuss ways of creating a “targeted” sound that can accompany an emotional or dramatic situation. Through the course, the emphasis will be on using new concepts as they are learned to accompany existing video. (Period 6)

Instructor(s):Kevin Murphy


Set Construction

ages 11-15 (limit 12)

“Techies” make the magic of theater possible. Focus on scenic design and set construction for the big musical production. Analyze the world of the play, giving careful consideration to the design elements needed to bring that world to life. Work with power tools, wood, metal, paint and more in this very hands-on, carefully supervised environment. Actors taking this class develop a life-long appreciation for the many “behind the scenes” aspects involved in putting on a show. (Periods 5 and 6)

Instructor(s):Alonzo Jones, Mark Rogers