Take your musicianship to the next level in our rock, jazz, and blues ensembles.  Instructional courses in piano, guitar and percussion provide the perfect entry point for learning new instruments. Musical performances are an integral part of daily life at CRCAP.


Drums: Ages 8-15 (Limit 3)

Department: music

Anyone who is interested in learning to play the drums, or has already taken drum lessons and would like to continue to learn and improve their skills, is welcome to join. Campers take turns during class, receiving a 15 or 20 minute private lesson each day. Learn at your own pace, at your own level. In between lessons, students are welcome to play other percussion instruments, either practicing their lesson or improvising rhythms of their own. (Periods 1, 2)


Future Music Now!: Ages 11-15 (Limit 12)

Department: music

Top 40 hit pop songs are super fun to dance to but very hard to re-create with traditional rock instrumentation. These songs are usually full of drum samples, huge synths, automated reverb, auto tune and a multitude of other digital effects that we can’t create live. In past summers we haven’t been able to cover these songs - This summer is different. Future Music Now will attempt to re-create this incredible dance pop sound live. We’ll be playing hits through the ages combining live and new digital instruments. We are looking for a dedicated team of hardworking musicians who have been playing their instrument for at least 2 years or more. Welcome to the Now. (Period 1)


Songwriting: Ages 11-15 (Limit 12)

Department: music

Drawing inspiration from all genres, we will explore the art of songwriting from both a musical and lyrical perspective. We will learn about traditional and modern songwriters and use their music as models for our own songs, which we will arrange to be performed by our ensemble! Guitar/piano experience highly encouraged! (Period 1)


Best Band Ever (Project X): Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: music

Are you looking to travel through space time just with the power of music? Then sign up for Best Band Ever (Project X). In this band class, we will come together and create a super secret band project. We will create alter egos, make promotional videos, and become the supreme ruler of all music at CRCAP. Join us on this rock and roll journey in Project X! All levles welcome. Weirdos encouraged. (Period 2)


One Hit Wonder*: Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: music

If you are a songwriter, composer, sound engineer, or musician then this is where you want to be 3rd period. In this class we will write our own original songs and record them!  At the end of the session we will have created a CD that we can go home and listen to during the year.  We will focus on the songwriting and sound production more than the live performance.  We will try many different styles of recording and explore what techniques sound best on each type of song; room mics, MIDI instruments, multi-tracking, click tracks, and more. Great tunes, great sound, great CD, great class! Campers should sign up for BOTH periods. (Period 2 and 3)


Electronic Music/Film Scoring: Ages 8-15 (Limit 10)

Department: technology/music

This class will introduce the tools and techniques to create audio for video. Using computers, MIDI controllers, simple recording gear and audio software like Audacity, Garage Band, iMovie and Quicktime, we will create our own original soundtracks. We will cover simple compositional techniques like creating a successful phrase and using harmony and tone color. We then will introduce sound effects and use Audacity plugins to “sculpt” sound and discuss ways of creating a “targeted” sound that can accompany an emotional or dramatic situation. Through the course, the emphasis will be on using new concepts as they are learned to accompany existing video. (Period 3)


 Guitar Workshop: Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: music

Do you want to learn a Beatles’ tune on guitar? This class is for beginners and intermediates who want to learn techniques and lots of tunes. Just bring your guitar and your enthusiasm! Even Jimi Hendrix had to start somewhere. We have a limited number of instruments available for those without guitars (Period 3)


Alterna-Band: Ages 11-15 (Limit 12)

Department: music

This class for experienced musicians and vocalists will explore the genre of alternative music to play as an ensemble. Anything from Weezer to Lorde to unknown underground artists are fair game! Over four weeks, we will focus on collaboration and pushing boundaries, creating fun and challenging arrangements and offering every musician (vocalists included) a chance to shine. (Period 5)


Percussion Band: Ages 8-11 (Limit 10)

Department: music

Come and join the Percussion Band. In this class we will be drumming as a group to make music from percussion instruments. Using drums from the drum set, hand drums, timbales, cowbells, woodblocks and more, we will create amazing rhythms and beats. This is a great class to end the day at CRCAP. No previous percussion experience required. (Period 5)


Ukulele Squad: Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: music

Join the Ukulele Squad! Learn chords, melodies, and rhythms in a fun new ensemble. Ukulele Squad is for beginners and experienced strummers. (Period 5)


Girl Band: Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: music

Girl Band is a band that plays music written and performed by women in pop, rock, soul, and more. We celebrate the women musicians that have come before us and honor them by being rock-stars ourselves. Campers with any level of experience and of all genders are welcome! (Period 6)


Handbell Ringing: Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: music

The return of a CRCAP favorite! Enter the magical world of Handbells, and transform your favorite songs into incredible sonic expressions. This class is perfect for beginners and experienced musicians alike. (Period 6)


Sing!: Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: music

Whether you love to sing or have never sung before, this is our chance to come together to learn songs from multiple styles - pop, musical theater, jazz, and even gospel!  Fun is a prerequisite.  Get ready to move, clap, and SING! (Period 6)