We offer opportunities for involvement in theater both onstage and off. Explore improvisation, scene study, make-up, theater of the absurd, set construction, our main production,  Shakespeare, and more. Discover yourself performing at Noontime Shows and at the Arts Festival.


Choose Your Own Adventure: Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: theater

Create an adventure story that will involve lots of quick decisions. At each crossroad, the audience chooses the next step for the characters. The ensemble acts out the results, even as the choices lead to stranger and stickier situations. If you love to think up wild plots and have a blast performing, this is the place to be. Our contagiously convoluted creation debuts on Festival Day. (Period 1)


Shakespeare Fantasia: Ages 12-15 (Limit 12)

Department: theater

Don’t be intimidated by Wild Bill’s “reputation, reputation, reputation:” remember, it’s just “words, words, words.” In this class, we'll leap DEEP into Shakespeare’s phantasmagoria, learn to make his weird sounding language FLY and go BIG with his pantheon of characters. This will culminate in a performance of either one of his plays or selections from several on festival day. (Period 1)


Mad Props: Ages 11-15 (Limit 12)

Department: tech theater

We’ll be whipping up all the crazy props the theater and media classes need. Have a blast creating wedding cakes, movie cameras, campfires, giant erasers, and who knows what else. We’ll design and build all kinds of fake stuff, and then watch with glee as it parades across the stage and screen. (Period 2)


Mini-Musical: Ages 8-11 (Limit 12)

Department: theater

We will be creating our own original mini musical: our own story, songs and dances, completely from scratch. No previous experience is necessary, though a strong desire to be in a musical is definitely needed. After this class, you can tell all your friends you wrote and performed your very own musical. Our lyrical masterpiece will be performed at the Arts Festival. (Period 2)


Production*: Ages 12-15 (Limit 45)

Department: theater

The big musical is performed the evening before and the evening of Festival Day on our enchanting outdoor Festival Stage. Our productions feature fabulous costumes, sets, a staff pit orchestra and professional lighting/sound. Campers must commit to TWO PERIODS (2nd and 3rd) of rehearsal time. The last week of each session will include evening rehearsals. Auditions take place on the first two days of each session. For the audition, prepare a short poem or reading and a song (no sheet music necessary!). (Period 2 and 3)


Wild George's Play: Ages 8-11 (Limit 12)

Department: theater

In this beginning acting class, we create our own never-ever-before-seen-on-stage-or-screen ORIGINAL play that YOU get to perform on Festival Day. No acting experience necessary. Bring your imagination, wacky ideas, and funky characters. This is your chance to ACT OUT! (Period 3)


Cabaret: Ages 11-15 (Limit 12)

Department: theater

Perform musical scenes in the style of a cabaret. You will play specific characters. You will sing solos and duets with harmony and counterpoint. You will perform songs from Broadway shows such as Ragtime, Miss Saigon, Cabaret, Last 5 Years, Wicked, Spring Awakening, etc. You will have a blast! Come prepared with a song to sing on the 1st day, preferably with sheet music (You can sing the same song for the Production audition). (Period 5)



Theater of the Absurd: Ages 8-11 (Limit 18)

Department: theater

This class is for those crazy, zany, far-out types who are willing to take a giant step into the world of absurdity. Scenes are created by the ensemble and performed for the questionable welfare of the entire summer program. The only prerequisite is an eagerness and willingness to be ABSURD. (Period 5)


Audition Incubator: Ages 12-15 (Limit 16)

Department: theater

Air Conditioned, no experience necessary. Bring only your curious SELF to the table! We’ll dive into audition techniques and go strong with monologues and scenes—comedic & dramatic, new and tried & true, both on-camera & LIVE! Get psyched to write your OWN material if you have some ideas you're eager to try out! (Period 6)


Improv Troupe: Ages 8-12 (Limit 12)

Department: theater

Do you like making stuff up? Do you want to make people laugh? Come develop you improve skills and learn how to create comedy out of thin air! We’ll start with the basics, so no experience is necessary! (Period 6)


Rock Opera: Ages 12-15 (Limit 16)

Department: theater

If you love comedy and spoofing musicals, you will love Rock Opera. Celebrate the musical form by creating an original outrageously funny musical. The writing and rehearsal process is as fun as the final show. Think Rent. Think Hair. Think Wicked. Now think again. (Period 6)