Power Tumbling

ages 8-15 (limit 12)

Are you an experienced gymnast? Would you like to sharpen your skills? Well, here’s your chance to perfect basic and intermediate skills while developing the more advanced skills of tumbling. Power up for Power Tumbling. (Period 1)

Instructor(s):Angeliquc Smith, Niki Thelisman



ages 8-11 (limit 16)

Develop the fundamentals of soccer through exciting skill drills, scrimmages and games. Play the beautiful game that the rest of the world calls “football.” (Period 1)

Instructor(s):Omar Colon


Swimming Levels 4-6

ages 8-15 (limit 12)

Following a swim test on the first day, campers receive the appropriate level of Red Cross swim instruction with plenty of one-on-one attention. Intermediate swimmers learn to swim the breaststroke and sidestroke while working to perfect the front crawl stroke, the back crawl stroke, and the elementary backstroke. Advanced swimmers learn the butterfly while working to perfect the front crawl stroke, back crawl stroke, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and sidestroke. Advanced rescue techniques are taught here as well. (Period 1)

Instructor(s):ML Schechter


Acrobatics Club

ages 8-15 (limit 12)

Are you eager to learn gymnastics, but never had the chance to try it? Well, here’s your chance to learn the fun basic elements of gymnastics. No experience required. Come and join the Acrobatics Club! (Period 2)

Instructor(s):Angeliquc Smith



Performance Sports Laboratory

ages 10-15 (limit 10)

Every single game that is played today, had to be thought up before you could play. Be it classics like soccer tennis or football, r fantastical or new, like Quidditch or Wall Ball. So are you Creative? So are you creative?  Love to play sports?  Is that you? Or maybe it's the perfect blend between the two. So join Performance Sports Play Laboratory, and let's start at a beginning and make history. (Period 2)

Instructor(s):Alonzo Jones



ages 11-15 (limit 12)

Learn the basics or perfect your swing in this fast paced and fun class. Skill building and competition meet fun on the CRCAP courts! (Period 2)

Instructor(s):Adrianna Brown


Swimming Levels 1-3

ages 8-15 (limit 12)

Students learn how to be comfortable in the water. Following the official Red Cross curriculum, campers put their faces in, learn to float (stomach and back and develop a foundation of safety skills including fundamental rescue techniques. Intermediate swimmers learn the front crawl stroke, the back crawl stroke, and the elementary backstroke. A swim test on the first day ensures the appropriate level of individual instruction. (Period 3)

Instructor(s):M.L. Schechter


B.I.G. General Sports

ages 11-15 (limit 18)

Fun is the name of all the games played in this fresh edition of General Sports. We’ll focus on group activities such as Capture the Flag, Dodgeball and Kickball in addition to camp favorites like 4 Square, Ping Pong, and Super-Ultimate-Doctor-Flagball. Come have a blast playing your favorite games! (Period 5)

Instructor(s):Adrianna Brown



Game On!

ages 8-11 (limit 16)

If you love to play games, then Game On is for you. We focus on team-oriented games including Kickball, Monsterball, Wiffleball, Steal the Bacon, Assassin, Newcomb and Capture the Flag to name a few. Variety is the spice of life at Game On. Our emphasis is on sportsmanship and team fun in the sun. (Period 5)

Instructor(s):Simenesh Semine


Synchronized Swimming

ages 8-15 (limit 12)

Synchronized swimming is a combination of swimming, dance, and gymnastics. We’ll perform choreographed routines in the pool with musical accompaniment building to a Festival Day spectacular. We develop the routines as an ensemble, using the ideas and never-before-seen moves you invent. So much more than your average pool class! (Period 5)

Instructor(s):ML Schechter


Ultimate Frisbee

ages 11-15 (limit 16)

Develop frisbee skills and play the ultimate game – Ultimate Frisbee! We will learn a variety of throwing styles and also create our own game of frisbee golf. This class is for anyone who enjoys throwing a frisbee or would like to learn. (Period 5)

Instructor(s):Cooper Evans, Mike Healey



ages 11-15 (limit 16)

A fun and stimulating program that emphasizes skill development, exercises and scrimmages, played inside on the fancy courts! This is your chance to play basketball in a supportive, fun environment. (Period 6)

Instructor(s):Roxanne Aurisma




ages 11-15 (limit 10)

How many chances do you get to fight with swords? Unless you can travel back in time, probably not many. Take this rare opportunity to develop basic foil techniques, footwork and strategies to provide the foundation for further enjoyment and achievements in the sport of fencing. (Period 6)

Instructor(s):Lis Gernerd


Pool Games

ages 8-15 (limit 12)

Come and play water games: water polo, water volleyball, relay races, treasure hunts and more in this cool class. We also create our own spectacular, splashy water works! What would summer be without time well-spent in our glistening pool? (Period 6)

Instructor(s):ML Schechter


Rhythmic Gymnastics

ages 8-15 (limit 12)

Rhythmic gymnastics combines the grace of dance with the skill of gymnastics. We will be using equipment such as hoops, rope, balls and ribbon. Come discover this beautifully challenging, thrilling and rewarding Olympic event. No experience required. (Period 6)

Instructor(s):Angeliquc Smith, Niki Thelisman