Our experienced teachers make the riveting world of animation accessible. Create stop motion masterpieces, develop your claymation skills, and watch your ideas come to life on the big screen at the Arts Festival. Imagination is the only requirement.

Animation Projects: Ages 10-15 (Limit 10)

Department: animation

Create imaginative films and unleash you creativity in Animation Projects. This class will allow you to get a more depth experience learning the principles of animation and storytelling. We will build sets and characters, and learn advanced techniques. (Period 1)

On The Wall Animation: Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: animation

Animate huge stories as you move around the classroom! With the help of your classmates, create a life sized mural that comes to life. Learn to animate on a large scale, on the walls of a room, and make a BIG impact! (Period 2)

Fairy Tale Animarion: Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: animation

Re-imagine your favorite fairy tales and myths! In Fairy Tale Animation we will explore different animated fairy tales and using them as inspiration, re-write stories about your favorite heroes and heroines. Get ready to use different styles of cut out paper puppet animation to make your new story unfold. (Period 3)

Moving Pictures: Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: animation

Bring life to your drawings with just the flip of a page! Moving pictures is an animation class with an emphasis on hand drawn animation. We will use fun flip books, stacks of computer paper and even receipt paper rolls to create silly drawings of Unusual Things that come to life! (Period 5)

Animation: Ages 8-15 (Limit 12)

Department: animation

Like to draw, paint, construct scenes, or tell stories? Have you ever wished your pictures would come to life? Then animation is the course for you. We’ll learn the basics like flipbooks, sand animation, cut-outs, and more. We’ll even invent some new techniques together. Join us and discover the magic of putting your art in motion. (Period 6)

Live Action Animated Movie: Ages 11-15 (Limit 12)

Department: video

Worlds collide as Live Action Animation blends live action performances with animated characters and settings.  We will explore special techniques like pixelation animation and rotoscoping to create imaginative new worlds and characters.  If you’re into special effects and dreaming up fantastic situations then join Live Action Animation and let your imagination run wild! (Period 6)